To be a successful entrepreneur you need to introduce discipline into your life. You must practice something again and again to become an expert at it. The same goes for creativity.

You can focus on generating new ideas by working on your ability to brainstorm. This is known as developing the idea muscle. One recommended exercise is to jot down ten ideas each morning right after you wake up to get those creative juices flowing.

Adopting this habit and practicing it every day is more important than the ideas you pen down. The only thing you are building is confidence to unleash creativity on demand. The ideas need not be perfect because perfectionism is actually the enemy of creativity.

The brain often tries to repress ideas that it thinks are stupid or embarrassing which causes creativity to suffer. Through this exercise you will be able to override the impulse and come up with all types of good and bad ideas on the spot.

More and more entrepreneurs need to come to terms with the idea that they do not need to be great, they just need to be themselves. This not only improves your specific skills but also helps apply discipline in all aspects of life that need some improvement.

If you want to be more creative then you must have the courage to accept any ideas and follow them with discipline. A childlike sense of wonder is important to be able to do this but you also need to develop the ability to prioritize tasks and organize your schedule. This means you should take out time to get some fresh air, go on new adventures and just have fun.

The process of forcing your body to go through motions helps build confidence. It is a wrong notion that some people are born creative while others aren’t. Everyone is born with an equally creative mind but most of them lose the confidence to let it out during elementary school. However, the good news is that confidence can be regained by making something new and different out of something that already exists.

The bottom line is, you need to write down as many ideas as you have because if you are good at coming up with terrible ideas then chances are you will also generate a few good ones as well.


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