Halloween is coming up and every store will be going all out with the spooky décor. If you are an entrepreneur then you should consider employing some of these marketing techniques to join the fun and also cash in profits.

Decorate the Store

It is not necessary that you have a Halloween-related business to be decorating your store. You can switch to gothic mode by setting up a Halloween-themed window display. Retail stores for example can use black and orange colors to go with the holiday. You can even put up Happy Halloween messages and let your customers know that you enjoy the holiday. This improves the public impression of your business or brand.

Pumpkins are a traditional Halloween decoration and can be decorated with the generic carved smile or you can get creative and display any message or art work on the pumpkin. A cleverly designed pumpkin attracts the social media users and they will be inclined to publicize your business for free by posting pictures.

Host an Event

You can take full benefit of the Holiday by hosting an event that goes with the theme. Beauty salons can give gruesome makeup tutorials, a restaurant can hold a party with a special menu for the evening. The opportunities are endless but you should make sure to advertise on time so that people are aware of the event and can invite their friends if they want to. The event can be promoted on social media, the internet, local magazines and through word of mouth. It should appear on the radar for everyone who has been wondering what to do on Halloween.

Create Special Deals

Halloween is the perfect time to attract new customers and create foot traffic. The offer can be any sort of discount or special deal that expires after October 31st. It can be an item that will help people prepare for trick-or-treating or something else which can be tailored to fit the theme.

Dress Up in Costume

An opportunity for photos and social media promotions is staff dressed up in quirky costumes. You can dress up as the most popular culture references and comic book characters to excite customers. The more you invest on the costumes, the better the reception will be. The costumes do not even have to match the theme of the business.